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We are a tourist agency specialized in excursions throughout Eastern Sicily.
The passion about Sicily and the first-class hospitality characterize our team.
Thanks to these characteristics combined with professionalism and in-depth territory’s knowledge, we are able to let you live an unforgettable experience discovering Eastern Sicily’s beauties.
We are an heterogeneous team, which combines different profiles from university education to work experiences in Italy and abroad, personal skills and attitudes, but all with a common goal: enhancing our territory, transmitting to travelers the passion for our history and our land and loving our work.

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Certificate of Naturalistic Guide - Sicily Region - FederEscursionismo Sicilia - AIGAE

It is an Environmental Hiking Guide, otherwise known as the Naturalistic Guide, who, for professional activity, accompanies safely, on foot or with other non-motorized means of transport (except for the use of the same to reach the places of visit), single persons or groups in natural environments, including snow-covered ones, also ensuring the necessary technical assistance and carrying out teaching, education, interpretation and environmental dissemination activities and education for sustainability.

Tourist Guide License - Sicily Region

The license certifies the skills required to accompany individual persons or groups of tourists to visit museums, galleries, archaeological excavations, works of art and sites of tourist interest, of which illustrates the characteristics and the scenic, artistic, historical and cultural attractions. This professional figure should not be confused with that of the tour leader, who is instead limited to assisting and providing information to tourists, sometimes accompanying them even on the sites of interest, but without conducting guided tours.

Tourist Guide License

The license certifies who takes care of welcoming and accompanying single people or groups of tourists on national and international trips on tourist programs previously arranged by the organizers. He mainly deals with the processing of bureaucratic and administrative requirements and all customs and administrative formalities in travel abroad. Provides information on travel and the areas visited, beyond the areas of competence of tourist guides; provides accommodation for customers in hotels; handles requests and customer complaints; favors harmony within the group. At the end of the visit, he takes care of the administrative closing obligations.

Certificate of Professional Qualification KB

The KB or even CAP certificate (Certificate of Professional Qualification) certifies the ability to drive taxis, cars and motorcycles (over 1.3t) for hire with a driver.

Registration in the role of non-scheduled public service drivers

Indispensable requirement from which then the release of the taxi license and the authorization of the rental service with driver follows. Enrollment in the provincial role is an indispensable requirement for the issue by the municipality of the license to operate taxis and the authorization for the rental service with driver. The role is divided into two sections intended for the registration of drivers of cars, motorbikes, boats and animal-drawn vehicles in service of: a) Taxi b) Rental Registration for the role is also necessary to provide driver activities of vehicles or vessels used for non-scheduled public services as: replacement of the holder of the relevant license or authorization for a defined time and / or for a specific journey; company employee authorized to rent with driver or as a substitute for the employee for a specified time.

Enabling Rental Service With Driver

The car rental service with driver is aimed at all the specifications that require, at the carrier’s office, a pre-established service in time and / or travel. The parking of the vehicles takes place within the remittances. The rental service with driver is a non-scheduled public service with a car that provides for the collective or individual transport of people and is included, at the request of the subjects transported, in a non-continuous or periodic way, on itineraries and according to scheduled times once Volta.