Sicily is the richest region in Italy in relation to the artistic and cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO.

Sicily, thanks to the fertility of its territory and its centrality in the Mediterranean, has been a crossroads for different people and cultures. Many dominations have left tangible signs: Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spaniards.

The succession of dominations, witnessed by inestimable artistic and cultural works, make the heritage of the island one of the main attractions of the Mediterranean basin.

Cultural Tour

The Cultural Tours will lead you to the discovery of some of the innumerable treasures that characterize Sicily in different aspects.
Suggestive places rich in nature, archeology, art and history.
With the expert multilingual guides you will immerse yourself in the Sicilian culture.
We will visit sites of great artistic and cultural interest recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO, such as the Archaeological Park of Agrigento, the Roman Villa del Casale, the entire Baroque area, Syracuse and Pantalica Necropolis.

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