Etna Taormina

This tour is divided in two parts:

Part 1: Visit to Etna

Visit some side craters of Etna, walking up to 2000 meters. You will also enter a volcanic cave  equipped with helmets and flashlights. The landscape is amazing, surrounded by craters, lava flows, volcanic ash and local vegetation will leave you speechless.

Part 2: Visit to Taormina

After a stop for lunch, you will arrive in Taormina, where you will have two hours to visit them independently. Do not miss attractions such as the Greek Theatre, the Taormina Gardens or the incredible views of Isola Bella.

Additional information:

Departure: 08:30 – Arrival: 17:00

Noto Antica – Cava Carosello

In this tour we will visit the ancient town of Noto destroyed following the earthquake of 11 January 1693. The city , located on Monte Alveria, is immersed in a unique and suggestive natural environment. We will follow the oldest paths and cross the sixteenth-century walls that survived the earthquake.

From the city we will then move towards the spectacular Carosello quarry, stopping for a short stop along the Asinaro river. Continuing along the path we will explore the ancient tanneries carved into the rock, symbol of the economic prosperity of the past.

Additional information: 

Departure 08:30 – arrival 16:00

ETNA Private

With this option you can personalize your tour just how you like it in the Etna. The landscape, characterize by native plants, lava flows and the huge Valle del Bove creates a unique and extraordinary experience, where you can do Hiking trails, elevation, see panoramic views and areas, all will be decided in agreement with our guide.

In addition, you will enjoy this experience by yourself, without other tourists.

Contact us to choose the schedule.


Cross ancient lava flows adorned by the yellow of the brooms and the green of the spontaneous vegetation. The tour begins with a visit to a lava cave where with flashlights and helmets we will enter safely into the heart of the volcano. We will then continue up to 2000 meters where we will continue on foot, venturing between lunar landscapes, lava bombs and craters, all while admiring a breathtaking view of the Ionian coast, from the Gulf of Catania to Calabria. The sunset light will make your experience unforgettable!

Additional Information: 

Departure: 15:00/16:00 – Arrival 19:00/20:00
(Depending on the season)


With its lunar landscape and untamed wilderness, Mt. Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe at 3,350m, provides the perfect setting for these unique excursions. Just one warning – ‘Hephaestus’ forge’ never closes!

Etna excursions starts discovering the Silvestri Craters created by the 1892 eruption on the south side of the volcano, then the route continues along a path where it will be possible to admire the magnificent Valle del Bove, a huge caldera located on the east side of the volcano. The next step is to explore a lava cave with torches and helmets to get into the volcano.
After visiting the lava cave, we will return to Catania.

Additional Information:

Departure 08:30 -Arrival 14:00


The tour begins visiting lateral craters of Etna located at an altitude of 2000 meters where you will walk among ancient craters and old eruptions. The route continues along a path where it will be possible to admire the magnificent Valle del Bove, a huge caldera located on the east side of the volcano.
Afterwards, you will visit a lava cave equipped with torches and helmets that will let you enter right inside the volcano. After the excursion you will have free time to have lunch and then continue towards the Alcantara gorges, a natural canyon that houses one of the best examples of columnar basalt. At an altitude of 1250m, the gorge landscape is characterized by small cascades of clear water surrounded by rich local vegetation.
In summertime, we suggest you bring your own bathing suit.

Additional Information:

Departure 08:30 – Arrival 17:00


Visit some craters at 2000m in the Etna. Amazing landscape surrounded by lava rocks and vegetation. The route continues along a path where it will be possible to admire the magnificent Valle del Bove, a huge caldera located on the east side of the volcano. Afterwards, you will visit a lava cave equipped with torches and helmets that will let you enter right inside the volcano.

After this excursion full of emotions, the experience will be enriched by a tasting of Etna wines accompanied by typical products of the area.

Additional Information:

Departure 09:00 return 15:00


In this tour, you will reach 3000 m and see amazing and unique lunar landscapes such as the active summit craters with steam, degassing and small explosions. In order to do this, you will go up by cable car where you will have incredible views of Etna. Upstairs a minibus and a volcanological guide will wait for you to discover the secrets of Etna.

After this you will visit a volcanic cave equipped with helmets and lanterns.


Additional information:

Departure 08:30 – arrival 13:30

The cable car and the ride at 3000 meters with a volcanologist guide does not include in the price. The service will be pay going up 3000 meters.


The tour begins by visiting Pantalica, the most impressive prehistoric and paleo-Christian town in Europe, located along a canyon between the Anapo and Calcinara rivers. There you can see tombs, caves, the remains of the town and even Byzantine churches that corroborate the ancient presence of man in this river valley. Currently the place is considered the largest necropolis in Europe and for this reason it is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Finally, the return to Catania is undertaken at the end of the route on foot.

Additional information:

Departure: 09:00 – arrival 18:00


The tour stars in Taormina, which is one of the first Greek colony on the east coast of Sicily. The beautiful centre is characterized by both Baroque and Medieval styles, which make it a unique and rare town. The Greek theatre and the impressive view of Mt. Etna is something you cannot miss.

Passing through Giardini Naxos you will admire the fascinating view of Isola Bella, also know as the “Pearl of the Ionian sea”.

The tour ends in Castelmola, a village recognized as part of the Italian cultural herritage.

Additional information:

Departure: 09:00 – Arrival: 18:00


The tour offers the opportunity to discover two splendid towns, which testify the vast artistic and architectural heritage of Sicily.

It starts with the visit of the visit of the stunning “Villa del Casale”, constructed between the third and sixth century BC in Piazza Armerina. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 and is one of the most beautiful examples of its kind. Itb represents the perfect combination of the architectural and decorative elements typical of a Roman political centre.

After lunch the tour continues with a visit to the ancient town of Caltagirone. You can visit the impressive stairs of Santa Maria del Monte, consisting of 142 majolica-adorned steps linking the upper and lower parts of the town.

Additional information:

Departure 09:00 – Arrival 18:00


A gastronomic tour totally dedicated to the discovery of Catania’s culinary traditions and its street food. Walking through the streets of the historic center and the folkloristic fish market “La Pescheria”, a local guide will lead you to discover the typical products of local cuisine through the most significant places of the city’s history.  

Additional information: 

Departure: 9:00 – Return: 12:30 

*  Not suitable for people with food intolerances.